Content Marketing is an effective way to attract new customers. It builds trust and credibility with your brand and can help with your brand awareness marketing campaigns.

In this installment of “Sparks by Eisenberg,” Dominic shares some quick tips for attracting new customers with content marketing.


Content marketing is an effective way to attract new customers. It builds trust and credibility with your brand and establishes you as an authority in your marketplace.

The challenge is that Google and rival search engines are flooded with content. The latest stats suggest that there are currently over 440 million blogs alone. That is insane. So, how does your small or medium-sized business make it to the top of the rankings amongst all of the clutter?

Well, the key is not simply to create more content but to create more fresh, highly valuable content. Here are three tips for keeping your content fresh and valuable.

Number one: Valuable content is intended to be consumed and used by the consumer. It’s meant to bring specific results through action items. So, create how to’s or top 5 lists that will help engage your audience like this one.

Number two: Create irresistible headlines for your blog post. This increases your click-through rate dramatically. Remember, you must entice your audience before they even consider reading through your content.

Number three: Keep your brand uniform across all of the social media platforms. When using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to promote your content, remember that Google is now ranking content based off of your overall brand awareness on the web. The successful brands who get to page one of Google are following these same exact principles. So, adopt and attack.

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