In this installment of “Sparks by Eisenberg,” Alan discusses why video is right for B2B.


Here are 5 key reasons why video is so effective for B2B marketing:

  1. B2B buyers are ridiculously busy. But with video, you can break through the clutter and still respect a prospect’s time. Why? Because videos can be short while still being extremely effective. In fact, studies show that videos under 2 minutes get the most engagement.
  2. Video demonstrates extremely well and that works well for B2B. For example, you can show how your product functions, how your team provides better service, or how your brand is the solution to a prospect’s problem. And according to a recent poll, 4X as many prospects would rather watch a video about a product than reading about it.
  3. Revenue. Revenue. Revenue. Growing revenue is what it’s all about right? Research shows that businesses that used video increased revenue by 49% over those that did not.
  4. Video is great on mobile. Over ½ of all video content is viewed on a mobile device. And that’s a good thing because, whether your prospects are in the field, on the road, at the warehouse or in a meeting, you know you can reach them with your B2B marketing videos.
  5. Video boosts SEO rankings BIG TIME. Buyers are constantly searching. Searching for your products and your services. And your brand is 53% more likely to land on the first page of a google search if a video is embedded on your website’s homepage.

So that’s it. Those are 5 powerful reasons why video should absolutely be part of your B2B Marketing Effort. My name is Alan Cooper, and this has been SPARKS by Eisenberg.

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